On 18th of November Hungary took over the flag from Thailand to organize World Robot Olympiad finals in 2019. Hungary will be the first European country to the finals of one of the most prestigious student competitions in the world.

During the closing ceremony of World Robot Olympiad 2018 in Chiang Mai, Mr Szilveszter Bus, Ambassador of Hungary, congratulated Thailand for the successful organization of the event which attracted 486 student teams from 63 countries. He emphasized the importance of an increased cooperation between Europe and Asia’s innovation hubs, Hungary’s achievements in innovation and its dedication to be a research hub in Central Europe.

The host city of next year’s world finals will be Győr in Western Hungary which is a center of research for automotive industry as well. In Győr, students will be able to showcase their knowledge of robotics in the field of smart cities, next year’s topic, chosen by Hungary.