Board of Investment

Communications Authority of Thailand

Customs Department

Department of Employment

Department of Export Promotion

Department of Foreign Trade

Department of Highways

Department of Industrial Promotion

Department of Industrial Works

Department of Internal Trade

Department of Vocational Education

Department of Intellectual Property

Thai Industrial Standards Institute

Electricity Generating Authority

Financial Restructuring Authority

Government Spokesman's Office

Mass Communications Authority

Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Industry

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Science, Technology

Ministry of Science,Technology and Environment

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Ministry of University Affairs

National Economic & Social Development Board

National Electronics & Computer Technology Center

National Energy Policy Office

National Science & Technology Development Agency

Petroleum Authority

Ports Authority of Thailand

Provincial Electricity Authority

Royal Thai Air Force

Royal Forestry Department

Royal Thai Government

Royal Thai Army

Secretariat of the House of Representatives

Royal Thai Navy

Thai Environmental Institute

State Railway Authority of Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand



Asia/Europe Foundation

Federation of Thai Industry

Chulabhorn Research Institute

Industrial Estate Authority

Foodmarket Exchange

Institute for Future Development

Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand

Investor Club Association

Asia Society

Securities and Exchange Commission

Stock Exchange of Thailand

Thailand Development Research Institute



The Nation

The Bangkok Post