Mirroring his priorities, Ambassador Szilveszter Bus visited the National Innovation Agency of Thailand and met with its managing director, Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana and his colleagues. The meeting served as a great opportunity to learn more about NIA’s work and goals and explore potential areas of cooperation in the area of innovation. Hungary is a country of innovation potential. The 2018 edition of WIPO’s Global Innovation Index evaluated Hungary as the 8th nation globally for Innovation Efficiency. Hungary spends 1.3 % of its GDP on research and development and the target for 2020 is 1.8%.

Hungary may not be a large country in terms of size but it is definitely big when it comes to talent. Innovations based on the ideas of Hungarian scientists surround us in our everyday life. Just to name a few: ballpoint pen, Vitamin C, dynamo, safety match, hologram, the binary system -  the basis of today’s computers or the most popular toy of the world, the magic Rubik’s cube. We are looking forward to deeper innovation cooperation with Thailand.